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Garvie Bagpipes

Real Border pipes, hand made by a craftsman with over 30 years experience, and a reputation for making top quality instruments

We are currently taking orders for border pipes and SSP in A.

The order books were closed last year. I was involved in a major music project*. I am now taking orders again as I continue to spend time writing and playing music. Full back up service for pipes remains in place. 

*I have recently released my first solo CD. This is available as hard copy, or for download. Details of how to purchase can be found on my other website . The CD is entirely songs, except for one pipe tune and one instrumental. All are my own compositions. 

Alternative Suppliers

Stirling Bagpipes: 01786 448886
Pipe Dreams: 0141 248 5558

Repairs and overhauls: I am still doing overhauls and repairs. Contact Alan Waldron of Stirling Bagpipes for these, at times when I am not available.

Smallpipe reeds: I am still supplying smallpipe reeds for SSP in A. If I am not available there are some other makers who do supply these reeds. In the first instance contact Stirling Bagpipes or Pipe Dreams, who are familiar with our smallpipe chanter designs. The exception to this is specialist chanter reeds for our louder “Session smallpipes”, which no one else makes.

Pipe reeds: Replacement or spare Border and Session pipe reeds can be purchased direct from Pipe Dreams. Theirs are very close to the design we supply. This also applies to replacement or spare drone reeds.

Bellows, Ian MacLeod has been making excellent traditional hand stitched bellows for us, for many years. These are now available direct from him.  Contact email is 

Pipemaker Nigel Richard, Garvie Bagpipes
Always email first, the phone can be unattended for quite long periods  of time.

Landline  0044 (0)1875 321255 - the mobile should NOT be used for business communications


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